Are you buying this?

There is so much conflicting information put out there on what is healthy to eat and foods that will eventually kill you, that it can be hard to know what’s real. I’m doing my best to make sense of it all, but I get tired of the manipulation. My goal is to eat the best foods for my body, do the least damage to the world around me, and support business that don’t just focus on the bottom line.

Recently my TV consumption has been interrupted by a crop of corn sugar ads stating that High Fructose Corn Syrup is basically no different then any other sugar.

I found this clip from the documentary “King of Corn” where HFCS is made at home. Somewhat terrifying…

I have not done all the research on HFCS, but it doesn’t seem like the best thing to be consuming. The more I read labels, the more I realize it is in everything. After changing to a plant based diet I stopped by my favorite market to pick up a veggie sushi roll. To my dismay I found that one of the first ingredients listed on its packaging was HFCS. What the crap? All the roll was comprised of was rice, cucumber, carrot, avocado, seaweed, and sesame seeds. Where were the “extra” ingredients hiding?

I know that the corn industry has had its fair share of bad publicity in the last few years. People seem to be more informed and concerned about genetically modified crops,  HFCS, and the subsidization of corn.  I stumbled on this NPR Article about the Corn Refiners Association efforts to rename (aka rebrand) High Fructose Corn Syrup due to consumers having a bad impression due to the complexity of its name. I think the thing I’m confused about is how all this happened. When did food become so big and riddled with policy, politics, and profit lines? How to we move forward from this place? Will our lack of a collective movement cost us everything in the end? Slightly dramatic? Yes, but it’s a real problem that will have long lasting effects on everyone. I have no answers but an ever growing list of questions and concerns. Here’s to trying to figure it out.

Much Love, B

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4 thoughts on “Are you buying this?

  1. Schalk says:

    Yes, there is a lot of dangerous stuff in the food we consume nowadays, but the nice thing is that the vast majority of these things are only dangerous if consumed excessively. The not so nice thing is, unfortunately, that most westerners definitely consume excessively.

    From my understanding, however, you are completely safe if you stick to a primarily plant-based diet and simply cut out virtually all forms of processed food. The fresher it is, the lower your chances of consuming any of the thousands of strange chemicals found in our food nowadays.

    Knowing this and simply sticking to my fresh, plant-based diet gives me great peace of mind. It also gives me great health. I’ve not been sick for a single day in more than three years.

  2. Little Sis says:

    It’s so disgusting to me, and the sad fact is that those who are the most likely to eat this stuff are Americans who cannot afford to eat fresh food. The government’s subsidy of corn and soy over ALL other farm products has created a marketplace where eating cheap often means eating crap. I’m not saying you CAN’T eat healthy for cheap, but for most folks it requires a re-education and for many the resources (like a good grocery store) are simply not anywhere close by.

    • Schalk says:

      It is very important that people learn to not go cheap when it comes to health. Because of this mindset, every sixth American dollar is spent on healthcare. The less than 5% of the world population that lives in America consume 40% of the world’s healthcare spending – around 2.5 trillion dollars.

      Know that it is fully possible for a normal, healthy person to never get sick, thereby saving lots of money in health costs and making lots of money in gained productivity. Paying a little extra for some healthy, organic, whole foods will be nothing compared to the health benefits gained, not only financially, but also because being vibrantly healthy is totally awesome :-).

      • Little Sis says:

        I’m with you. That’s why I eat the way that I do; however, I think it is also important to recognize that in terms of out of pocket costs for someone who doesn’t live near good grocery stores may make this way of eating seem like a distant reality.

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